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2012 Ford F-150 Regular Cab 4X2- A Review

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Get ready to experience the thrill, adventure and amazing driving experience with the best in class heavy duty truck as 2012 Ford F-150 Regular Cab 4X2 not only has the capability to tow heavier luggage but also it can give a powerful performance. The interior is comfortable and advanced safety features are introduced that let you drive this truck fearlessly.

2012 Chevrolet Silverado HD- A Review

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2012 Chevrolet Silverado HD is the upcoming heavy duty pick-up truck which not only has a muscular build, powerful engine but also has a great capacity to tow your heavier luggage.

The vehicle line executive Rick Spina said,

“The 2012 Chevrolet Silverado HD builds on the award-winning foundation created for 2011. We worked to raise the bar even further, developing engineering updates and conducting additional validation with the goal of making the new Silverado HD the most capable heavy-duty pickup ever.”

2012 Honda Accord Sedan- A Review

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2012 Honda Accord Sedan is the new upcoming luxury car that is sure to please those who want to drive the car with their family. The powerful engine is capable of giving outstanding performance. The exterior is classy and the interior is comfortable. The advanced safety features are added to protect your family.

2012 Toyota GT 86- A Review

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The all new 2012 Toyota GT 86 will be a great addition to Toyota’s sports car family and will be a great car for those who love sports car. Making its first world debut at the Tokyo motor show on November 30, Toyota’s new GT 86 sports car is super fast. The robust engine is capable of giving super speedy performance. The interior has an ample space and the safety features are added to make sure that the occupants are kept safe even in emergency situations.

Sporty Exterior

2012 BMW Active Hybrid 5- A Review

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BMW has once again captivated the motor fans in its charm. The new 2012 BMW Active Hybrid 5 has been already exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show. It displays a powerful hybrid powertrain, stunning exterior and modern interior with stat-of the-art safety features. Let’s look at some of the remarkable features of the new hybrid.

Spectacular Exterior

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