GM Tops Energy Star Challenge for Industry List with 63 Facilities

GM-ChallengeForIndustry-03-mediumBeing energy efficient is a great thing for any business. General Motors has been trying to be more energy efficient at the same time improving their production process in order to meet the demands of the market. Now, General Motors has made an announcement that nine more GM facilities have been approved as US EPA Energy Star that brings the total facilities to 63 which makes them the top company in the Challenge for Industry list. General Motors said that now they have more facilities in the world that any other organization worldwide that have EPA Energy Star ratings.

GM also revealed that according to Challenge for Industry they had to cut their energy intensity by 10% in the five years period that would avoid them now $162 million in energy costs and reduction of CO2 gases by 1.6 million metric tons this is equivalent to electricity used by 244,000 homes. The automotive company said that they already had 22 facilities that were performing consistently but they have got new nine facilities that helped them reduce the energy percentage by 23% in just three years period which is really a great achievement for the company saving them $72 million.

Tim Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Manufacturing and Chairman of GM China said that energy management and creativity go hand in hand at GM and therefore they have been successful in cutting down the energy use and emission on annual basis. He said that they are constantly researching and introducing innovative methods to save energy and be environmentally responsible but without compromising on the standards and business benefits. He also revealed that all the 63 facilities that are now US EPA Energy Star comprise around 42% of GM’s global manufacturing operations and the company will work harder to introduce more facilities in this category to save more energy in the future.

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