What Should a Driver’s First Car Possess?

Passing your test and getting your driving license is a big step in anyone’s life. But what should your car possess when you come to buy your first one.

Easy Handling

The steering and handling of a car are always important. Nobody likes to drive a car that has stiff steering and doesn’t feel intuitive in how it handles. These factors are even more important for people who are driving for the first time. It’s very easy to make mistakes on the road when you don’t feel comfortable with the way a car drives. This is why it’s so important to take cars on test drives before committing to buy them. These problems have to be picked up on before the car is purchased rather than afterwards. That way, the driver can compare different driving experiences and opt for the one that he or she is most comfortable with.


A Relatively Small Size

Not many first time drivers like to drive cars that are large and difficult to handle. Most people learn to drive in cars that are small; hatchbacks are the most common. So, the step up to a larger and more unwieldy can be a big jump for someone who has only recently passed their driving test. This might be why cars like the Renault Twingo and the Mini Cooper are so popular with new drivers. They are small and easy to manoeuvre on city streets and narrow roads. You can visit CooperMini to try out a Mini Cooper and see if it suits you.


Driving a car

The last thing you want when you are driving for the first time is for your car to break down on you. Of course, all cars can break down. They haven’t yet invented the car that will run forever without any problems! But all cars and car brands have a certain reputation when it comes to reliability and durability. People who have just passed their test should buy from a car manufacturer that has a reputation for building and designing cars that last. Those first few months as a driver need to be as smooth as possible because this is when the driver builds their confidence.

Low Running Costs

Most people who pass their driving test are young. Many of them are still students or haven’t been in work for long. This means that they certainly don’t have money to be throwing away. So, it’s vital that a driver’s first car should have pretty low running costs. You can find out how much it costs to run a car by looking at the fuel efficiency of the car and seeing how many miles to the gallon it does. It’s always best for new drivers to opt for the cars that are efficient and can go a long way with a small amount of fuel. Many new drivers don’t realise how much it costs to drive because they’ve never done it before. And they get a big shock if they pick a car with poor efficiency.

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